It’s A Tie!


The first tie of the summer took place at the second to last “Saint-Tropez in Santa Monica” Beach Volleyball Tournament! Team JD Powers and Associates and Team Sake Bombers were still tied in the final volleyball game of the tournament, so it was only fair to award both teams a Vilebrequin prize. The Sake Bombers had already won a tournament early in the season, but there were a few new members who had not previously won an award. Team JD Powers and Associates, a boisterous group of lawyers (see above picture), had come in second place the previous week, but had crushed all of their other opponents before their Vilebrequin victory.

Fairmont Miramar will be hosting the last beach volleyball tournament of the summer this Saturday, September 7th. Don’t miss out on your last chance to win Vilebrequin swim trunks and pareos! RSVP your team of 6 to


San Diego Smashers


All teams got smashed on the beach, except for the winning team, the San Diego Smashers, naturally. This team of 6 elite beach volleyball afficianados had come close to winning the Vilebrequin swim trunks the weekend before, but brought their A-game the second time around. Jorge Solorzano, the team captain of the San Diego Smashers, was thrilled that he was able to bring his team to victory. He explained that as a San Diego State alum, he and his friends would frequent the beaches of San Diego on weekends and partake in beach volleyball tournaments. Will you be able to beach the San Diego Smashers this upcoming weekend at our next Vilebrequin Beach Volleyball tournament? RSVP by shooting an e-mail to

The Goonies Win- Again!

For the second time this season, The Goonies, a team of vetern volleyball players, led their team to victory in the Santa Monica sun and sand. A few new members joined “The Goonies” and the handful of veteran players were eager to help their teammates pick out a pair of whimsical Vilebrequin shorts to sport during the next few remaining tournaments of the summer. To join in on the excitement in the Santa Monica, please RSVP your team of 6 to

Fairmont’s Love Affair Featuring Vilebrequin

Vilebrequin Around Fairmont Miramar

It’s hard to not fall in love with Vilebrequin and impossible resist this colorful and whimsical line that is so reminiscent of Saint-Tropez, where the brand’s origin is located. The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows has certainly fallen for Vilebrequin’s delightful designs, and the nautical vibe of this swimwear brand is perfectly “suited” for the ocean atmosphere of Fairmont Miramar. While basking in the Santa Monica sunshine at the poolside, guests can catch some shade with the oversized Vilebrequin ubmrellas. Lounge on the grassy terrace with the comfort Vilebrequin chaise lounges, or partake in an old fashioned bean bag toss with sea turtle decaled bean bags, Vilebrequin’s signature logo. Allow Vilebrequin’s statuesque paddle board to inspire a paddle boarding excursion in the Santa Monica sea, or purchase a pair of Vilebrequin’s signature swim trunks in Exhale Spa’s gift shop.

The Dream Team Reigns Supreme

Meet The Dream Team

It’s hard to believe that the 10th Vilebrequin Beach Volleyball Tournament of the summer has passed! With the 8 teams which competed and about 50 attendees, this tournament was the most fierce by far. Although each team possessed a great deal of skill, when it came down to the sixth and final game of the tournament, the Dream Team, a group of varsity volleyball players, took home a pair of Vilebrequin trunks. This was Team Captain Eric’s second victory of the summer, and although he was unable to take home a second pair of trunks, the sheer rush of winning was his motivator for coming back and winning a second time.

¡Los Mexicanos Ganaron!

Mira! Los Mexicanos!

With this summer’s Vilebrequin Volleyball Tournaments more than halfway over, the competition for the Vilebrequin swim trunks has grown fiercer than ever. During our 9th tournament of the summer, four teams of six competed under the Santa Monica sun with “Los Mexicanos” triumphing over all. This highly spirited team of varsity volleyball players beat out “The Sake Bombers”, “The Goonies”, and “Team Inhale”; all three of these teams were previous victors. With only six volleyball tournaments left this summer, please join us on the sand of the Miramar Beach Club every Saturday from 4pm-6pm until September 7th by rsvp’ing to

Dark Skies Bring Luck to Team Dark Sky


During last Saturday’s match, the rainy and overcast weather perfectly coincided with the winning team’s name, “Team Dark Sky.” Despite the unusual summer weather, there were a total of 6 teams who participated in the Vilebrequin Beach Volleyball Tournament. The third time was a charm for the members of “Team Dark Sky”, who happily took home the Vilebrequin shorts. The smallest member of the team, six year old Hudson, was especially thrilled to win the shorts printed with his favorite type of fish.

The Goonies Win the Second Time Around


“The Goonies” came back for a second round of beach volleyball with sharper skills and a drive to win the Vilebrequin swim trunks. Although they came close to winning during their first tournament of the season, they triumphed the second time around. The team won three games and was thrilled at the medley of nautical designs they got to choose from when picking their shorts. Join us for our next tournament this Saturday, July 20th!

The Pink Manatees Prevail

The Pink Manatees sporting their trendy Vilebrequin swim trunks

The Pink Manatees prevailed over teams Dark Sky and The Goonies during the first volleyball tournament of the July season. All three teams put their best efforts into each game, but ultimately, the agility and team work amongst the ex-varsity volleyball players which composed The Pink Manatees led to their victory. The boys were elated to win the Vilebrequin swim trunks, and marveled over the different whimsical sea creature patterns. The team captains of The Goonies, Paola and Olivier, were already sporting their Vilebrequin trunks from last season, and are determined to win the trunks once again.

Vilebrequin on Good Morning America

ABC’s Good Morning America featured a segment on “Best Summer Reads” with reporter Abbie Boudreau at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica this past 4th of July. It was hard to miss the blue and while Vilebrequin logos scattered throughout the footage, especially on the Vilebrequin jeep, umbrellas, and lawn chairs. Vilebrequin and the Fairmont Miramar have a strong partnership, and it was exciting for both entities to be featured on such a dynamic show with over 5 million viewers. For those who missed this episode, please see the following link to watch: